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Gruha Pravesam

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A griha pravesh ceremony, also known as grihapravesh or the house warming ceremony, is a Hindu puja ceremony performed, when one enters a new home for the first time to purify the environment and protect the house from negative energies.

For this ritual, a copper pot is filled with water and nine types of grains and a coin are placed in it. A coconut is placed on the pot and one enters the house with it, accompanied by the chanting of mantras by a priest. A priest chants various mantras that are the Kalash puja mantra, the Ganesha mantra, and the Vastu Puja mantra.

Important Notes

While entering the house, always put your right foot first. Dress up in appropriate clothes for the griha pravesh puja. Wear auspicious colours and avoid black.

If possible, have house warming parties with only near and dear ones, as inviting too many people may bring in negative energy, which might hamper the well-being of the residents. Also, with the Coronavirus pandemic still going on, for the well-being and safety of everyone, having over only immediate family is advised.

Everyone who attends the griha pravesh puja must be given some gift; nobody should leave the house empty-handed. It can be anything from a small silver coin, an idol of a god, boxes of sweets, or fresh live plants, depending on one’s budget.

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