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108 Divya Desam Sri Vaishnava Temple Tracker,(India)

108 Divya Desam Sri Vaishnava Temple Tracker
108 Divya Desam Sri Vaishnava Temple Tracker

Vaishnavaites or Devotees of Lord Vishnu attach a lot of importance to 108 temples of the Lord. 108 Divya Desam tracker is an excel which can be downloaded from the link below. This excel can be used to track the Divya desams visited of the 108 and plan for visits to the remaining temples.

video courtesy : Ved Maharshi youtube channel


27 Nakshatra with Gayatri and Beeja Mantra,(India)

27 Nakshatra with Gayatri and Beeja Mantra

27 Nakshatra with Gayatri and Beeja Mantra

The Nakshatras or what we call them as Stars or Planet, play a vital role in astrology. They represent our fortune, Good or Bad both are based on the alignment of nakshatras in our birth chart. Bad placement of nakshatra in birth chart raises many obstacles in the path of our success and create problems in career, relationship, finance, and health. Hence, it is well said in Vedas that: “The Deities of the birth Nakshatras should be regularly worshipped”.

Chanting the corresponding Mantra of the Nakshatras with respect to their Deities gives one positive results. Below are the 27 Nakshatra Mantras written by Vedanga Jyotisha which helps you chant both Gayatri Mantra and Beeja Mantra. 

Thus it is required by all the individuals to chant the mantras related to their nakshatra, as they help them obtain the blessings from their Aradhyadevata (Principal Deity)-He will remove all the obstacles in your life and attain good health, wealth and prosperity.

Art of Living at Bangalore,(India)

Art of Living at Bangalore

The art of living is considered a happiness program that has stress relieving exercises like wellness, yoga, breathing and meditation. They also help in mind managements and anger control.

They also encourage "Seva" or selfless service in the community. The ideology of this course is to set the mind free and get a greater understanding of oneself.

The people at the Art of Living foundation believe that in today's world, the mind is distracted by various material and worldly demands. In such a situation it is necessary to take time off to free yourself from these demands and gain control over the mind and body