About Us

VGO.Travel formerly(www.columbuslost.com) is the five years young Global Travel Start Up. The Motto of VGO.TRAVEL is to Serve through directly Connecting vivid Travellers with Hoteliers, Tour Operators, Event Organizers and Homestays across various Tourism Segments such as India’s faith and heritage tourism; VGO.TRAVEL Operates from INDIA and USA (We are aggressively enhancing our footprint across the world); VGO.TRAVEL has 500K+ Visitor base and its increasing. 


Connecting and localizing the globally untapped, scattered, unexplored tourism sectors for everyone and everywhere to benefit travelers, hoteliers, tour operators, event organizers and home stays.

We have committed team and innovative business models to offer deals and discounts to the Travelers + Travel Operators + Hospitality business + Transportations + Event Organizers + Home stays; We want to create Opportunities for our partners with a profit driven success for every business collaboration. 


To Create, Develop and Maintain the Finest Travel Platform with Universally Unique offers of Deals & Discounts which can be beneficial to Our Visitors and on boarding Partners (Hoteliers, Event Organizers & Tour Operators)

We have revamped our Platform with a new look + design + features + travel solution. We are having core idea of “Deals & Discounts “(kill Price parity) | We are offering innovative “Magic Ticket” deal for bookings any for any travel requirement. 

  • Tour Operator Deals & Discounts 

  • Hotel/Motel Deals & Discounts 

  • Homestay Deals & Discounts 

  • Event/Exhibition Deals & Discounts 

We understand the pain points and the concerns from a Tourist perspective and also from our on boarding partners(Hoteliers, Event Organizers & Tour Operators) prospective as well; better than any others in the travel industry;


  1. The Value of Time and Timeliness of things to available while travelling;

  2. The Value of Money and Searching Best Option to Have Perfect set of Booking of Entire Travel Bookings; 

  3. The Safety and Secure Travel Places selection and making good decisions with authentic details about the exact destinations; 

  4. Finding the best deals and discounts for our customers without compromising the topnotch hospitality experience

  5. We respect and provide more profit margins to our business partners, giving back the price control authority to our on boarding partners(Kill Price Parity)

  6. We ensure the best and most transparent communication system between our customers and business partners.